When something leaves you with a strong positive impression, more often than not, you feel enthusiastic to share the optimism to people you know. Customers behave the same. When a product or service exceeds their expectations, they will share the wonderful experience they had to friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. That is how word-of-mouth marketing works.


In today’s digital age, where social media and virtual assistant services are becoming more and more popular, the power of word-of-mouth is gaining greater influence. Customer reviews, opinions, and experiences spread like wildfire and can impact a business’ online reputation.


So, how can a business effectively use word-of-mouth to their advantage? These 5 tips can help:

1. Offer Exceptional Product or Service


The credibility of your product or service is very important. This means that you have to consistently provide nothing but the best to your customers. Do a constant monitoring of your product or service offerings to make sure that they receive the same amount of satisfaction from the first time they became your customers. By making that conscious effort, you do not only retain your competitive advantage but also get a chance to see areas for improvement. Remember, a product or service that “over-delivers” to the need of your target market encourages word-of-mouth advertising.


You can also take a closer look at your prospects and find out what they want more or less of. Then choose the best match between what your competitors don’t provide and what your target market would like. This can give you an idea for a new niche.


2. Provide Excellent Customer Service


These days, consumers often encounter so much unpleasant customer service experiences to the point that most people consider a great service as a delightful relief. That is why positive interaction with customers and clients should be given emphasis.


Train your staff not only to be competent but also to understand the needs of customers. Everyone on the team should be honest, respectful, and caring. Going the extra mile and offering genuine advice and alternative solutions to customer problems can go a long way.


3. Don’t Shy Away from Follow-Ups


Follow up after the sale can boost your word-of-mouth advertising. Make sure to save your customers’ contact details and exert strategic effort to contact them to see how they liked your product or service, ask if there’s anything you can do to improve, or provide great offers. Having valid reasons to contact your customers is a key.


These practices show affirmation of the great value you place for customer satisfaction. Of course, knowing the best time to contact your customers is also important.


4. Utilize Marketing Channels Wisely


When your customers email or call you, answer them promptly. A quick response makes them feel that they are your priority and that you value their time. Whenever you have the chance, send thank you notes. Few people do this these days. It will make you stand out and make the recipient feel connected with you.


In addition, make it easy for people to see and pass along your information. Place your contact details strategically on your website, postcards, blogs, online social networks newsletters, etc.


5. Build Strong Customer Connections


Social media as a cost-effective marketing tool is not only limited for companies offering virtual assistant services or any other online-based businesses. Everyone can utilize it to improve company-customers relationship.


But most businesses nowadays are too busy collecting social media fans that they forget to actually connect with them. You should remember that 100 passionate fans that love your brand or product is much preferable than having 10,000 “fans” who signed up just to win a free item.


Maintain social media accounts where you can interact with your customers. Post company updates, answer their questions, give sound recommendations, share your expertise, and make your customers and potential clients feel valued.


6. Empower Your Customers


People feel good if they can help solve problems. It makes them feel smart and important. These same feelings are captured in making referrals and giving positive word of mouth. Therefore give your customers reasons to talk that make them feel smart and special.


Choose the right people who can give positive word-of-mouth. These may be your customers, your networking groups, bloggers, or influencers who are passionate with staying one step ahead of their peers. Provide them with a topic of conversation. Success stories and unusual jobs you’ve done are good ones.


This is a useful strategy that companies promoting virtual assistant services utilize wherein a large number of clients can be attained through referrals made by present clients.


Word-of-mouth portrays the genuine voice of your customers. These customers possess the power to tell the true story of your company, good or bad. So make sure to have a complete 360° view of your business facets. Apply the 6 tips mentioned above to spark positive word-of-mouth, strive for improvement, and keep moving forward.

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Christian works as a real estate assistant at Xilium. He specializes in back office support, content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow him on Google+.
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