group-negotiationsBusiness owners nowadays resort to hiring virtual assistant (VA) team from the Philippines to outsource important tasks. This strategy helps their business to keep growing competitively and affordably. By entrusting tedious and time-consuming tasks to VAs, business owners are able to focus on major priorities. They can oversee the whole business operations and concentrate on the critical elements of business management.

A VA company is an extension of a client’s business, which can maximize the skills of every virtual assistant, so any VA should learn to collaborate with other VAs to accomplish a project. He must be confident of his skills and capabilities, as well as see the potential in others. A team fails when members do not believe in themselves and their co-workers. Being averse or reluctant to collaboration with others can only result in a team’s failure. A member’s enthusiasm toward his work and his team is crucial to a project’s success.

What every virtual assistant needs to reflect on is how they should work effectively on the same task. Here are some reminders:

1. Remember the expectations and goals that are discussed at the start of the project. Your client’s needs and expectations drive you to bend over backwards with studying your assigned tasks. For one, you learn that being meticulous helps you cite minor errors that can cause nuisance in the business workflow. Plus, being able to organize your work does not only make your work easier to handle, but above all, it satisfies your client. At the end of the day, every VA’s effort is a big deal to the project’s success.

2. Make it a practice to have a go-to guideline. A detailed documentation of the tasks should be made as you go about the project. This is something you can use for your reference and guide as you master the processes.  Discipline is key to your productivity, so go through the detailed instructions or use the many resources to solve the minor conflicts you might encounter. Always discuss any concern to everyone concerned when things are unclear and confusing.

3. Take certain actions to keep yourself on track. There is no doubt that your leaders are driven to satisfy the client’s needs. Let yourself be influenced by their enthusiasm. Observe how they handle their task, as well as imitate how they organize their tasks. This will be your guide in realizing what will work for you.

Take advantage of the frequent meetings to learn more about the project. Raise concerns when needed or share ideas on improving procedures, clear out vague instructions, doing these is how you effectively work with your team.

Be flexible as well in terms of the demands of the team’s project whether you have to read a book in line with it or watch Youtube videos for ideas or tips on improving the quality of your work. Plus, discussing the additional stuff that you’ve learned with your co-VAs is a huge help to your success.

4. Communicate like a pro. As a virtual assistant, you should get the hang of keeping an open communication with your leaders, supervisors and co-VAs. This leads to dealing with any possible failure at first hand and minimizing any chance of misunderstanding.

Remember that your constant communication builds a stronger rapport with everyone in the team and  gets rid of fear or intimidation as it is rooted in trust in every one’s capabilities. Empower each other to do your tasks better. Note that, you are the only people who can boost each other.

5. Be result-oriented. Set deadlines. Once client’s expectations are discussed, work your way to a measurable outcome. Direct yourself with your client’s goals and commit yourself to achieve them by keeping track of your output. If you’re given a template of how you should present your constant reports, then provide sufficient amount of information that your client needs and be accurate with the data you gather and consolidate.

6. Learn from your experience. Working on a group project takes time to master the procedures and the do’s and dont’s, and even takes your extra effort to learn how to provide the best customer care. Bottom line is your are able to identify distractions that can only hamper your productivity. You discover the best practices to be more productive and what you can contribute to the whole team. It comes down to a point that knowing how to work collaboratively and efficiently also develops your competitiveness.

Remember that how the team works together on a project redounds to the uplifting of the quality of your client’s’ business operations. Go ahead and commit yourself to being the best member that the team has ever had.

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