virtual administrative assistant should avoid stressLet’s face it, as much as being a virtual assistant makes you feel like you own your time, in more ways than one, you still act as a business owner’s shock absorber when it comes to stress. All the tedious administrative work fall on your shoulders. Tasks that executives don’t want to take up their time and effort or that of their regular staff are outsourced to you.

A virtual administrative assistant’s job description is the same as that of a regular in-house administrative staff. The only difference is that you are most of the time a temporary worker, you do not work in an office, you need not make coffee for your boss, or be at the receiving end of a temper tantrum after a particularly stressful day. It would only be normal for you to feel the pressure or think that you might burst at the seams.

But how does one do good at their job and conquer stress at the same time? Here are five guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Courtesy is the best policy

Correspondence is important in business, so an administrative assistant’s job description will not be complete without it. For sure, your day would not go by without dealing with people connected to your employer, may it be thru emails or calls. And of course, you also regularly communicate with your boss.

How you treat these people gives them an idea of who you are as an individual since they do not see you in person. This will also affect how they will interact with you. Being courteous and polite all the time leaves others feeling good after dealing with you. No negative vibe is transmitted, no brows raised, no business relationships strained.

  • Keep calm and smile

People need not see it, a smile can be felt through someone’s voice as well. Through their instinctive radar, they can feel your smile by simply talking to you. Do not let the struggles of your personal life or tasks get in the way of doing your job right. So as much as you would want to wring someone else’s neck, never lose your cool while on the job. Throw your tantrums after duty hours when no one else gets affected.

Stress can only get the better of you if you let it. Your performance can suffer if you let your worries cloud your day. Losing your cool can only end in losing your job as well.

  • Be innovative and assertive

Nothing is more impressive than an assistant who keeps learning the craft. You should always be on the lookout for new trends that can elevate your skills to make your job easier and your performance superior. Never get tired of innovating yourself. Innovation is embracing change for the better.

Also learn to be assertive in the way you think for your work. Try to implement new strategies that you have learned and are sure to make everything more efficient. This way you earn your boss’s trust and admiration for wanting to help more than what is expected. As a result, he might just make you a permanent part of his business and be assured that he can leave things in your capable hands.

  • Health is wealth

Never take your health ever for granted even for your job. What use would you be to yourself and your boss if you fall gravely ill because you did not take care of yourself? Your health is a big factor of how well you can perform, so it is only fair that you give it due attention as well.

In addition, practice that sense of humor. Not only because you believe that laughter is the best medicine but more because it will help you have a positive disposition. Having the ability to laugh at yourself, or a mistake you make, or a difficult situation, lightens up every trouble. This way you are not discouraged or demoralized before you can think up a solution. And, this can help you master the art of handling tough situations.

  • Keep a playlist on hand

Music moves. We all believe this. What better way to motivate you than to listen to great tunes. Be sure to only do this when you are not taking calls though. Why? You might forget yourself and suddenly belt out your favorite line.

On the more serious side though. Music can help put you in the mood. Music conditions the mind. It can relieve the tension and relax you enough to channel your aggression elsewhere. Just don’t get too relaxed that you fall asleep on the job. Listen to music especially at times when you are down and in need of something to perk you up.

Don’t just make a single playlist. Segregate your collection according to your mood, like when you are troubled – group some soothing tunes to take away the stress; or when you are sleepy and bored – play upbeat and danceable tunes to chase sleep away. You can also put up a random set for ordinary days. Utilize music to best serve you positively.

Arm yourself with these guidelines and you are sure to survive every work week and any struggle. Breathe in positivity and reflect it in how you work and how you conduct yourself while on the job.

Remember that as long as you set your mind to it, you can conquer anything.

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.