aug 7Virtual assistants from the Philippines are independent contractors providing you virtual services without paying for their overhead, space, and equipment. More and more business owners hire Filipino virtual assistants because they get exceptional support in terms of administrative, back office, customer service, and even online marketing. Outsourcing these essential business functions is a way for business owners to focus on tasks that generate more income and expand the business.

This article will provide you a complete process of hiring virtual assistants. You need to get familiar with these steps to put yourself on the right track – not wasting time, money, and effort on searching endlessly for the best virtual assistants for your business. Hiring VAs offshore doesn’t last for just a day, so it is beneficial to learn the steps of acquiring the right assistants.

For business owners who have not ventured in hiring VAs from the Philippines yet, here is a guide to find the virtual assistants that can help boost your business mobility:

1. First thing’s first, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you open to having virtual assistants in your company? You must be ready to think that they are assets to your company. So, prepare to train and manage them. To train them means to provide a video, audio, written or other means of documenting instructions to accomplish your delegated tasks. To manage them means to keep constant communication by expressing your expectations of them. They will be part of your company, so get them involved by making sure that you are on the same page for every task.
  • Have you already assessed your business in terms of how much help you need from VAs? For instance, you need a virtual assistant as your receptionist to take calls from your customers and be able to address their concerns right away. Enhancing customer care is a big deal and your VAs can take care of that.
  • What certain business functions do you need to delegate? When deciding what to delegate, ask yourself: what are those tasks that consume much of your time and hinder you to work on more crucial responsibilities? What tasks can you outsource in order to balance your work and personal life?

Knowing what you can outsource to your virtual assistants from the Philippines boosts your business mobility. Delegate the tasks that do not directly generate revenue to VAs to maximize your productivity at work. On the other hand, not knowing what you should outsource to your VAs will put you in a topsy-turvy. You eventually find yourself that you made a wrong decision on hiring them.

To manage a team offshore, you need to take time to learn what you expect them to do. Figure out what the business needs and give a crystal-clear list of delegated tasks. This guides your VAs on how to satisfy you with their virtual services.

2. Get ready for the next step. You’re done with the first step so you’ve already got an accurate list of the tasks to outsource. Find out now what certain expertise of VAs you need for every task. For instance, online marketing is quite technical such as working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your VA must know how SEO works in building your online marketing campaign.

3. Outsource to a virtual company from the Philippines that strives to provide you excellent virtual assistant services. Choosing the right company that can give you a pool of professionals saves you time from repeatedly searching for virtual assistants. Discuss in detail to the company the job description or job specification for your virtual assistants-to-be. Then, they make sure that they provide you with the most competent VAs who were assessed, interviewed, and screened carefully for the business. They also provide in-house VAs who have been extensively trained and possess valuable experience with different fields.

You should know that the virtual assistants you hire may not execute the tasks you delegate. So, it is much helpful on your end to have a virtual assistant company who assesses them to fit your job description.

4. Interview your prospective virtual assistants and have a week-long trial (if possible). You have to see for yourself the exceptional traits of the VAs you have just hired from a reliable virtual assistant company. You will be able to determine whether they suit the job description or not. What matters most is to find out how they manage your tasks and how efficient and prompt they are to accomplish them. You need to know that their profile fits the job.

5. Keep constant communication with your virtual assistants to increase your business productivity. Keep in mind to give your virtual assistants a detailed or outlined documentation of their task at the moment they start working on them. Then, it becomes feasible for them to accomplish these tasks daily, weekly or fortnightly as instructed. Thinking that your VAs are skilled professionals, you also need to remember that other certain skills needed for your tasks require learning until they get familiar with the process and master it. There is no doubt that they can leverage the internet to learn the how-to’s of a system that you use, but being particular with what you expect them to do will lead you both to better results.

With your constant communication with the VAs, you get an opportunity to build a good working relationship. As business owners, you need to give your VAs feedback on how much help they have given you or what areas they need to improve. Let your VAs express themselves as well on what they think of the process of the tasks – what is more effective or what could be a nuisance. Listening attentively to what they have to say keeps them motivated to learn more about the business and promote a smoother business workflow.

Once you become familiar of the process of hiring VAs, take the leap and be ready to take advantage of the endless benefits of outsourcing. After all, you need to focus on the changing and growing needs of your business by utilizing the virtual assistant services offshore. Choose wisely.

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