Attractive woman holding her headAs a busy individual in any industry, you are tied with lots of responsibilities in the business that take much of your time, even for your family and yourself. To achieve the most coveted work-life balance, you have to clear out your major priorities and stay marketable. What makes that feasible is when you make yourself more productive – that is knowing as well the right time to hire a virtual assistant (VA).

You have several choices on how to maximize the skills of a VA that can benefit your business a lot. For starters, you should be fully aware of the signs that tell you to hire a VA now.

Here are thoughts to ponder for you to decide that you need a virtual assistant:

1. You’re way behind schedule. The data you’ve gathered is in disarray. You cannot make time for even the simplest but time-consuming tasks like data gathering, preparing financial summary, and other essential business operations because you have a lot to do on your top-priority list. Little do you know, you’ve got multiple work piled up in your “To-Do List”. Hiring a VA can help you with mundane administrative tasks, and you focus on the critical elements of business management.

And, the least you want to do is the things you hate. To lose your interest in working hampers your productivity and eventually affects the business workflow.

2. Your customer care is becoming your least priority. If you can no longer return calls or respond to email inquiries of your customers, this becomes a threat to your business. Note that your existing customers are main contributor to your company’s profit. When they are satisfied with your customer services, you are bound to turn them into repeat customers. Delegate customer service responsibilities to your VA in order to promptly address their queries and increase your repeat customers.

3. Your backlog of work seems impossible to clear out. Spending overtime in the office to clear out your backlog stresses you out because it takes more time than you think. Having a VA as part of the company’s business operation creates a smoother business workflow. Thus, you no longer have to deal with the minor tasks that may pile up because your VA has already organized them.

4. You are missing more important appointments. Expanding contact network for any entrepreneur is important. Meetings with clients and buyers can make or break a business goal. The least you want to happen is to miss out an appointment with your existing or potential customer. This is where a virtual assistant comes in to manage your calendar and remind you of your upcoming meetings or conference call with your clients.

5. You are no longer taking actions to pursue a project. Gone were the days when you were an idealistic yuppie. Your ideas burn out easily and you spend too much time deciphering a task that before only takes a few minutes.

When your business is continuously growing, you face more challenges and various demands. You have to keep up with the market trends so you need to work on projects that aim to improve your products or services. But, the problem is when you get your hands full taking care of time-consuming tasks. Delegate them to focus on more income-generating projects.

What’s more is that online marketing is a must for your business. Taking an online route requires more effort to focus on major priorities and make this project feasible. Once you’re set-up, you can delegate tasks for online marketing such as email marketing, data gathering, even social media management, and other crucial processes of this project.

Now, the signs cannot be ignored. Ask yourself these top questions: Is your business ready to have an offshore employee?; how much help does the business need in its operations?; and what important tasks you need to delegate? Your answers to these questions can measure if you need to consider the virtual assistant services offered offshore.

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Juvy Ann Magbanua

Juvy Ann Magbanua

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