Choosing to hire a virtual assistant over an office secretary can be both financially advantageous and risky. The reason employers these days have become stricter in choosing the assistant that’s best fit for their team. A virtual assistant seeking for a job or a client should be aware of the things that turn most employers off to avoid the dreaded “Sorry, you’re not hired.”

Instability of Employment.  According to a recruiting firm, employees who work online are more unstable as they tend to leave the job immediately when they lose focus and interest in it. This quick turnover of virtual employees is alarming to employers who spend time, effort and money in training an assistant. Thus, creating a stable track record that will show your commitment and dedication to your past or present employers could help you win the job.

Poor Communication Skills.  Being able to speak and write fluently is something that employers look into a virtual assistant. Grammatical errors, poor sentence construction and spelling errors are a major turnoff. Do not take these things for granted for they contribute to your overall brand and quality as a virtual assistant.

Schedule Inflexibility.  Another common issue among online workers is their availability. Some accept far too many jobs or clients that they tend to compromise schedules for all their clients. Make sure you accept the amount of work that you can fully commit to. Your clients have schedules to stick to and being professional means knowing when to be flexible and when to set boundaries.

Lack of Preparation for the Job.  Dedication and passion for the job is one thing that employers are looking for their new hires. They want to know how prepared you are for the job as well as your willingness to extend your efforts for the good of the company. Get to know each company or client that you get into and assess your skills and desire to be part of their team. You could be doing yourself a favor.

Poor Attention to Details.  Follow instructions right from the application process. Some employers purposely give out very specific details for applicants. They don’t do this just to make fun out of the applicants. In fact, applicants who do not follow instructions are automatically eliminated. It pays to give extra attention to details.

These are the things that we usually overlook when applying for a job. These may seem simple but mind you, these are also the common reasons why we fail to get the job we want. So if you  want your employer to say “You’re hired!” be allergic to these turnoffs.

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