Social media is a business marketing strategy used as a tool in brand building. Every business today aims to push their brand on different social media platforms to reach a wider audience and gain more success. Having a vast social presence online is a way to effectively  keep your name in circulation as well as to attract more potential customers.

The landscape of social media has rapidly grown and continues to expand to date. The importance and influence it has amassed in the span of few years has given it a revered place in our daily lives. This infographic by Social Media Today gives you a more graphic view of the stats achieved by social media in terms of reach and influence.

To really make use of social media, you also need the help of a few little tricks to make your engagement more interactive or cool while getting the message across. Here are some of the most common social media content that can double as tricks for business owners:

  1. Images

    heart shaped collageWhat can be more visual than an image? A right-themed and well-placed imagery is a quick fix of message straight to the brain. The image should be a story or an advocacy in itself for it to be an effective brand builder. It should be a telling description of what your product or service is or wants to be. Then place some text that elaborates what the image conveys to solidify its pitch and sell it better to your public.

    What kind of images can you share or post?

    The obvious would be traditional images of yourself or your colleagues shot while you are in a corporate event hosted or attended by your company and other photos that generally showcase the activities of your business.

    Ever heard of Selfie? Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year is the most trending kind of posts on social media. It requires you to take a picture of yourself in any place or event you are currently in, and yes, taking a picture of your reflection in a public toilet’s mirror is also very acceptable (and sometimes hated) in the virtual social circles. This may not be something very helpful for your business. Still, it is a behavior in social media you are sure to encounter more often than you would care to see. Understanding it is the key to relate to your general public.

    Being a conservative business executive might make you raise your brows at this, but this is currently the “in” thing in social media. Plus the fact that a lot of your workforce would belong to the age group of the yuppies, and social media is mostly proliferated by the young generation, so you need to be able to relate to them in order to make your social media experience more successful for your business. This is not to say that you have to behave like they do in networking sites, rather study their behavior and make it a basis on how to incorporate the knowledge of your business into their consciousness without being overbearing and more like a casual or indirect mention.

    Be smooth. Take a picture of yourself with your smartphone while standing in front of a banner of a corporate event, or maybe one with an important guest or speaker, or stand in front of the mirror, snap a quick photo of yourself in your event clothes then post it with the caption “Off to [Insert event name here…] [Insert emoticon here for punctuation…]”. Now, that isn’t so hard, right? 🙂

    An infographic is probably the best example of the kind of images for business owners. Turning out one that showcases your brand for a branding campaign can help build your reputation. Infographics being a combination of images in the form of icons and concisely descriptive texts or facts, and added with some statistical data that give more affirmation to the texts build up your brand more effectively because it is centered on the most important facts only. Beef it up with some entertaining facts about your business to bring lightness to the whole output. This makes your campaign less boring and more visual for the public.

  2. Videos

    videoMake engaging videos that tell the tale of your business and all those little activities that you participate in. This will make you more corporeal in the eyes of the public as they see that you also make it a point to share your shenanigans to the public. It will develop a common belief of your reachability and relatability – the very foundation of social media. Well, those and the fact that people just can’t help but click any play button they see in their news feeds.

  3. Hashtags

    Twitter HashtagsHashtags are searchable terms in social media preceded by the # (hash/pound) symbol. The range of topics that can be cultivated and culled from this pool of ideas is extensive. Make hashtags of your business information, current activities, future events, and anything pertaining to your company to get yourself out there. Make your business seem available. For better understanding on this topic, you can read our previous blog on post about hashtags.

  4. Emoticons

    emoticonsSocial media posts, these days, are more often punctuated by emoticons than actual punctuations. Emoticons show exactly how you feel at certain times and for particular posts. These little icons reflect the current mood you are in by giving a clear visual for your public. Next to hashtags, they are what most commonly ride along with any or every post you will see.

    In social media, the more engaging and entertaining you are the more people like you. How you behave on different platforms determines how the public will receive your business. As was said before, put yourself out there and be reachable. This will get people more interested.

    People develop a positive perspective of you and your business when they see that you are as available and relatable as their peers and kin.

    Being “in” is having a sense of belongingness – fostering a community where everyone is aware and concerned. It is good for your business simply because you understand not only how others behave but also why they behave that way. The experience of social media teaches you how best to tread the waters, so to speak.

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.