Virtual-AssistantDid you think that your virtual assistant is just like an invisible secretary for you?

You probably see them as someone who can manage your calls, emails, and schedules. For more technical assignments, they can also make presentations for you, manage your social media accounts, and even do your bookkeeping. Or, if you are the kind of boss who can maximize the potential of your VA, you probably even find those who can handle your database management, website design, development, and maintenance.

But, it might be surprising for you to know that your choices are not even limited to those options. There are still things that you might not be aware of that your virtual assistant can do for you.

Here are four tasks that you may not have known can be outsourced to a virtual assistant:

1. Event Planning

Are you thinking of holding a company event or a webinar? If you are pressed for time and just don’t have the extra hours to spend on planning for it, your virtual assistant can do that on your behalf. Never mind that they are from a different location. The task can be achieved remotely.

Your VA can research for places you can use as venue. Taking note of important factors like size or capacity of the place, and availability, they can obtain a quote of the specifics you need. Your VA can compile all results like a report.

Contacting and coordinating with speakers you want for the event can also be handled by your VA, as well as arranging for equipment, food, and other amenities for the event.

2. Personnel and Human Resources

Do you have a need to hire someone for any position in your business? Ask your VA to compose an advertisement for the job, then get it published. When the resumés come in, your VA can do the initial screening based on your criteria. They can do the initial phone or web interview to narrow down the selection if you allow. Calling the applicants character references can also be done.

Now, all you’ll have to do is conduct the final interview of the shortlisted contenders for the position.

However, if you are looking to have a change of career, you can have your VA update your resumé and write up your cover letter, plus the resignation letter if needed. Your VA can then send your credentials to your potential new employer(s) and update you for interview schedules.

3. Purchasing and Supply Procurement

Is supply purchasing getting to be a nuisance to your daily tasks? Why not have your VA do it for you? Your VA can set up an online account on your behalf with your suppliers. Then together with your accountant, set up credit lines with those suppliers and monitor all credit information to keep them updated and accurate.

You can coordinate this task by either sending your VA a list of all the items you need to purchase or your VA makes a checklist of items for you to approve for purchase. After the purchase is made, you coordinate to determine what items were indeed delivered, or if there is a need to reorder an item, or if there is anything that needs to be sent back because of damages or just misplaced into your delivery.

On the other hand, if there is a new product or equipment you want to procure, your VA can research about this new item. Your VA will find quality products based on your preferences regarding color, pricing, and so on.

4. Real Estate Assistance

If you are a real estate agent who has been bogged down by all the paperwork and other administrative tasks, that time needed to meet with clients is cut short, so you need to outsource some of those tasks to a real estate virtual assistant.

Have your VA put together a packet which will serve as your pre-listing/pre-sale package. Inside, have the VA include your resume of past sales, advice on pricing, selling time, and staging, and even testimonials from former clients which can highlight your credibility as an agent. You can also come up with a list of “frequently asked questions” and their corresponding answer to be included in the packet.

From there, your VA can also keep in touch with your clients, create promotional materials, and presentation materials. Your VA will plot all important appointments with your clients on an online calendar that you both can access.

This way, you have less tedious work on your hands and more time to spend with your clients. You can be more effective in your sales because you will not be stressed by too many tasks you have to face.

Now, you have a better idea of some other tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant. Next time any of these tasks take up your plate, remember that you don’t need to do them personally if you have more important ones to take care of. Why not hire a virtual assistant who can do the work for you?

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.
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