Now that you have hired a virtual assistant — what’s next? Prepping your VA for the job and most importantly, handing off responsibilities that are supposed to help you free up your time and contribute to the success of your career or business.

Delegation is defined as getting others to do your work, so you can get on to what you’re really supposed to be doing. It sounds simple, but it’s actually not! A lot of people who are not used to having an assistant may struggle at it at first. It may also be too hard for some as they think it takes so much time. Then, there’s the “nobody-can-do-it-as-well-as-I-can” belief. Well — I am telling you, these will get you nowhere the success of others who have effectively used and leveraged a Virtual Assistant.

Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of tasks that you can delegate to your assistant:

  • Cyclical Tasks. These tasks are repetitive, something that you may be doing almost every single day. These tasks include data entry, data mining, database administration, emailing, bookkeeping, content writing, social media promotion, and the like. These tasks can be effectively done by your virtual assistant as they are well-rounded and flexible professionals. Check your to-do list and highlight the tasks that you want to be accomplished by someone like a virtual assistant.
  • Time-consuming Tasks. These are tasks that require you to work overtime to finish. Sometimes, grunt work like photocopying of files, scanning, faxing, sending files to other several recipients, mass emailing, online research, and even answering phone calls from the different people in a single day can take so much of your time. If you’re facing these everyday of your life, then it’s high time that you list them all and let a virtual assistant do it.
  • Personal Tasks. Scheduling a meeting or appointment with your clients or other business partners is also a task that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. If you always travel, your virtual assistant can book plane tickets and hotels for you. You don’t have to worry about how you will manage your time. You can share your calendar with your virtual assistant and allow them to edit it so that you can take note of your appointments.
  • Creative & Technical Tasks. One of the best marketing strategies most business owners employ is having a website to promote their products or services. Your virtual assistant must be talented and highly skilled in performing this task. They can make sure that your product and service offerings are well presented to attract customers and that the website attracts that right demographic. They can also make sure that all links are working and check for errors and improvements to maintain your positive online presence. Some of the creative and technical tasks that you may delegate are graphics creation and editing, web management, link building, and more. You must coordinate with your assistant to discuss whatever your concerns are to draw a great number of viewers and potential customers.

Delegating tasks to your virtual assistant depends on you. You must be very good at assigning to maximize the role of your virtual assistant. This will help you focus more on your field of expertise, increase the time spent for primary responsibilities, and most especially, to improve quality of work. Whether you are in the real estate industry, medical profession, small business or other fields, it is important to know the basic but necessary tasks that you should outsource in order to attain success.

“The secret of success is not in doing your own work but in recognizing the right [person] to do it.” ~Andrew Carnegie

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