“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

It’s 2016, do you think your leadership skills need some updating?

Yes, you may have been in the business for a while now, but as you may have noticed, everything about business has reshaped over the last years. It has accommodated the innovations that revolutionized the way it has been conducted. Does your concept on leadership still apply to the way things are today or is updating in order?

It might be hard to change ways that have been set for some time now, but all beginnings are difficult. All you need to have is an open mind to accept new ideas and you will gradually learn and find a new rhythm to the way you lead your people.

Here are a few points to mull over so that this 2016 your leadership skill is still down to pat:

  • Be clear, realistic, and positive
    As a leader, when you give instructions for tasks make sure that the parameters are clear and understandable for your people. If you want them to achieve your expectations do your part in making them understand exactly what you want as a result.

Also, try to be realistic in the expectations you have for every task that you assign. People have limitations with regards to capacity – you must learn to accept these and detect them beforehand so you can make preemptive measures if needed.

Always end your feedback in a positive note. Show them where they made mistakes or the flaws in their end result, but give them pointers on how they can improve. Give your people encouragement so that they will be more welcoming to constructive criticisms. This is the best way to develop their skills and help them become better.

  • Be an inspiration
    Ever hear the term leading by example? This is one sure-fire way to make your people accepting to changes that you may want to implement in your company, may this be in policies or procedures that you want to improve.

Showing instead of telling is an effective way to inspire your people to be better. Inspiring your people is an opportunity to boost their morale to keep them energized to do what they need to do for your business.

  • Learn to share the credit as well as take the blame
    If there is any mistake that has been committed by your people that reflects on the company, be the first to take the blame. As the leader, you should hold yourself accountable for anything that could be taken negatively against the business. Take for example the Japanese leaders, whether they are in business or in politics, they all know how to be accountable to their mistakes as well as those of their people. They take the blame and shoulder the repercussions without second thoughts. This is the kind of leader you have to be. Someone who does not point a finger to others, rather someone who

On the other hand, when any positive feedback comes your way, remember to share it with the people who made the success possible. You have to acknowledge that you can’t do everything, so you must always show appreciation to the people who help you achieve your goals.

  • Refrain from micromanaging your team
    Learn to trust your people and their capabilities in handling tasks and responsibilities. The more confidence you put on their skills the more that you boost your team’s esteem. This will help build their belief in themselves which will later translate to even better performance. Trust them and show them that you believe in what they can do. This can only lead to confident and competent people who will strive to give only their best in everything they do. In turn, you benefit with the efficiency, effectivity, and quality that your people will bring to your business.

Taking care of your business does not only rely on making efforts to keep the figures high, or seeing to it that the business is well publicized. Leading your people to success is equally important. Success is a team effort. It does not solely rest on the shoulders of one person or one team, but on the entire company as a whole. And as the business owner, you should always be the first to step up to plate. Take the lead, but do it well.

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.
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