Have you ever asked yourself this million-dollar question: how can I be the best virtual assistant (VA) for my clients?

VA’s are reliable professionals to whom business owners entrust their work. So, one major thing to consider as a VA is to continuously prove to your client that hiring you is one of the best decisions he made for the business. If you search in the web, there are tons of articles about the good qualities to look for in a VA, so your goal is to stand out from the multitude of VA’s sporting those good qualities.

First of all, you can never call yourself a VA if you haven’t done anything to mitigate your client’s workload. You need to freshen your skills by updating what you know about productivity. Go back to your basic goal: helping your clients run their business smoothly.

Here are some thoughts on how to be an exceptional virtual assistant:

Be competent

There is a never ending competition, that’s why you continuously have to prove your worth.

Keep a keen eye on the problems you encounter when handling a client’s task. Make sure that you figure out how to solve or find possible solutions before you mention the problem to your client. With this simple act of initiative and resourcefulness, you give them an impression that you do care for the business.

Be competent by being innovative and assertive. Expose yourself to more opportunities to improve yourself. Take the risk to learn new ideas and to make some of your own later on. As you do this, you eventually learn how to handle the necessary tasks more efficiently. Be patient even during your struggles with the problems you encounter, or your own limitations. Such experiences will train you to overcome adversities, and help polish your skills and wit.

Know how to handle stress

Do you know what mainly causes your stress? Do you know how to handle them so they don’t get in the way of your work progress? For instance, when your client delegates mostly cyclical and time-consuming tasks, do you strive to be more productive or just be stressed out without making any progress?

As a virtual assistant, setting work priorities is a big deal. Knowing the importance of each task will determine which one should be done first especially on a tight schedule. Taking a minute to clear your head when confused with your priorities helps a lot.

How do you take criticisms from your clients? Mistakes are bound to happen once in a while. There will be understanding clients who let you off the hook easily with a few wise reminders. But there can also be some who impart choice words that can hurt your feelings. You will get affected, no doubt about it, but how you react will show your strength as a competent and credible VA.

Getting too affected and losing your composure will do nothing in solving the problem. Don’t drown in your own negativity. Own up to your mistake. Roll up your sleeves and do some damage control. Make yourself swear that you will do better next time.

Know what truly motivates you

Why are you working hard to be the best VA? What sparked your interest about the job, and what made you stay?

Your motivation to be in this job is the driving force that inspires you to work, thereby affecting your performance.

Motivation depends on your needs, values, goals, intentions or expectations to yourself. Whatever your motivation is, make use of it, exploit it if you have to. Find out what your motivation is because it will give you passion for your work.

Don’t just settle for good, always try to be exceptional. Being exceptional means being competent, knowing your stressors and managing them, and keeping up with your motivations. It does not end here though, it could go on but remember that self awareness is a good start.

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