In any work or business setting, having a good relationship with clients or customers itself could be an organization’s competitive advantage and could definitely be one of the keys in achieving growth and success. We know that the number of clients availing our services determine the company’s income which in one way or another, contributes to our success. In the medical field, there’s a doctor-patient relationship. In an educational institution, there’s a teacher-student relationship. In the virtual assistant industry, there’s a virtual assistant-client relationship. The more clients you have, the faster your company grows.

So, how do we establish a good virtual assistant-client relationship? Here are three things that virtual assistants should do to keep their clients and gain more clients in the future:

Know what your clients need. Understanding what your client needs should always be at the top of a virtual assistant’s list. When accepting tasks from the client, you should know the scope of the work in order to effectively provide the needs of your client. Doing so will enable you to identify what you can do and what you can’t. You can’t provide excellent service if you don’t deliver everything required for the task. Also, be proactive in identifying other things that are related to the current work. For new clients, it would also be great if you ask for your client’s expectations so you know how and when to accomplish the task. If you can exceed with what they expect from you, it’s a way better. Remember, first impression is lasting so getting the work done and meeting or exceeding their expectations are always important.

Provide a complete, coherent, and correct output of task. Client satisfaction is always the end-goal of virtual assistants. A VA’s only way to make clients happy, impressed and satisfied is by performing their best when they are assigned some tasks. For example, when the client requests you to create a database, you should include all the needed information and organize them in a manner that is easily understood. Send it back ahead of your deadline so you have some time when there are revisions to be done. Another specific example is confirming information from the right people over the phone. Be sure that you have called all the listed contact numbers and obtained all the missing information. If you do all your best in every task, clients will be happy for hiring you as their VA. The result: a good reputation as their assistant and a long lasting professional relationship with them. Certainly, more clients will hire you and more tasks will be given to you. This means, success!

Communicate with the client in a regular basis. Good communication is another must-have for every virtual assistant. Effective communication is attained when you are able to contact your client providing them the complete information and receiving a response from them. Communicating with them can be done over the phone, via email, instant messages, etc. You should know the means of communication which is most convenient to your clients. Keep them informed of the status of the task or project. To develop a more effective communication, you need to have excellent communication skills. Most clients are busy that’s why they outsource the tasks to virtual assistants, and some of them open their emails once in a blue moon! Be proactive yet polite in communicating with them. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

All businesses and companies always aim for success and good reputation. Success of a virtual assistant company is not only measured by the income they generate but also the relationship they have with their clients. Establishing a good virtual assistant-client relationship is a big step towards success! Remember: if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.

As virtual assistants, you just have to believe that you have the power to make things possible. You have the magic in you that can make clients yearn for your services. Sometimes, just a simple chant of awesome greetings can create a harmonious relationship with your clients. Never stop being a great virtual assistant. In the end, success is within your reach. The challenge of building a good client relationship lies in your hands!

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Christian works as a real estate assistant at Xilium. He specializes in back office support, content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow him on Google+.
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