More and more physicians have been shifting their staffing needs to a Medical Virtual Assistant (VA). Positive factors such as cost-efficiency, greater job satisfaction, and patient retention are among the top reasons why the said option is becoming popular.

But just like any other activities, success does not come instantly if you just replicate what other people do just because they are triumphant with their move.

So if you’re planning to hire a VA, it is important that you follow a game plan that will stir you to a smooth sailing transition.

1. Decide on what task to assign

Physicians often hire a VA to allow them to provide better personal attention to their patients. If this is also your aim, you should think about shifting the responsibilities which keep you glued in your seat.

Processes such as insurance verification, scheduling, and patient follow-up calls can be very well taken care of by your assistant. You can also have your assistant take over data entry, billing, coding, transcription, and mailings.

2. Come up with a more detailed list of duties

After you have decided on the tasks you would want your VA to handle, you must then segregate or group the said tasks according to priority. Some tasks needs to be done daily, others need to be completed at the end of the week, while others need to be addressed as they become available.

Your assistant should be briefed regarding the tasks that should be taken care of on top of the other and the time duration that should be allotted in doing the said work. These factors will help prevent confusion and will make it easier for you and your assistant to cope with deadlines.

3. Consider an appropriate working schedule

Coordinate with your VA and the virtual assistance provider to come up with the best schedule that you and your assistant could utilize. Tasks such as patient follow-up, insurance verification and scheduling may require your virtual assistant to work during your office hours.

Transcription and billing on the other hand don’t really require real time assistance. You may also opt to have a combination of the two schedule scheme or a split shift if you think it will work best.

Hiring a VA is a cost effective option that will surely bring wonders to your medical profession. The process is not really that difficult. You just have to arm yourself with an effective game plan and look for the right Medical Virtual Assistant who will propel you towards success.

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