customerWhat do small businesses really want to achieve at the end of the day? Undoubtedly, increasing your sales must be the top priority. That’s why keeping up with online marketing and investing in customer retention is crucial in the long run.

Knowing the best things that you can offer your customers only show you care about them. Remember that great customer service really matters. An infographic shows that…

  • 36% of businesses have won back a customer due to a positive support experience on social media.
  • 71% of those who experienced positive social care are likely to recommend that brand to others.
  • 42% of customer purchased more after a good customer service experience.

Now, it comes down to the things you can do to keep your customers happy. Here are some keys to an excellent customer care:

Know that customer care is big time. Small business owners should prioritize high quality customer service. If they put a lot of effort into it, they are rewarded by customers’ loyalty. On the contrary, poor customer service results in your downfall. It’s a cold hard fact that it’s too difficult to make up for a bad experience of even just one customer.

Come to think of it, how would you feel if you aren’t welcomed in some place? Customer care is not just about business. It’s like welcoming a friend or relative into your house and taking care of them. Customers know when they are treated right. Mind you, they can feel how passionate you are when providing your services. That’s why 85% of consumers are willing to pay anywhere between 5-25% over the standard price to ensure a superior customer experience.

Learn to increase loyal repeat customers. Most businesses tend to take their repeat customers for granted. In the first place, they’ve got a greater share in the company’s profit. So, you shouldn’t forget to continuously give them the warm welcome and positive greetings. For another, asking their opinions and always saying “thank you” mean that you want them involved in the process–that their cooperation means a lot to you. And of course, you show that you truly appreciate how they support your business.

Moreover, your repeat customers are the ones who are easily convinced when you promote new products. Always makes sure that you make time to listen to them and help them make a good purchase. Helping them realize what they really want shows how reliable you are.

You should also make things convenient for them by giving them easy access to your products and services. Thus, your online marketing strategies should also be in harmony with the needs and expectations of your customers.

Repeat purchasers deserve rewards. Now that you’ve got lots of repeat purchasers, it’s high time you gave them rewards for being so loyal to your products and services. For instance, offering free shipping is one good thing. Customers tend to choose products with “free shipping” because they can save up a bit. Also, when you give customers the chance to raise questions, make sure that you get to them asap. This way, you can immediately address their needs especially their requests. Your response tells them that they’re valued.

There are lots of ways to take care of your customers. You only have to be creative and be passionate about providing their needs and listening to what concerns them. But despite all this, nothing beats being genuine in your mission of making and keeping your customers happy.

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Juvy Ann Magbanua

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