Self-doubt takes you nowhere else. To find yourself not that ready for your career as a virtual assistant (VA) and do nothing about it means no success. Remember that you have not started with nothing to contribute. Yes, you’ve got an awful lot of things to learn and unlearn so as to make yourself successful in this virtual career, but what made you qualified to be a VA jumpstarts to become better in this field.

Ask yourself: How can you handle situations at work? How can you be assertive and innovative to be marketable? You’ve already got the potentials and check out what you have in common with other exceptional virtual assistants. The characteristics that make a VA successful is either innate or acquired that should be practiced everyday of your life.  

Mark the characteristics that you already possess and take note of what you should still need to work on:

  1. Love your work. Virtual assistance is maybe as easy as pie once you have learned the skills to handle a task. But, there comes to a point that you have to grapple with some tasks that require you to work overtime. Bottom line is you are able to accomplish the tasks promptly because of your effort to spend extra hours for them. You love making much effort for a project’s success.
  2. Be efficient. You can never be efficient if you do not believe in your full potentials. How you take it seriously to provide competitive virtual assistance to your client’s business is key to effectively assist their business.
  3. Create an action list. Creating a to-do list serves as your follow-up on what you have already done. Keeping track of your progress means boosting your productivity at work.
  4. Manage your time wisely. It requires you to invest in setting priorities and organizing yourself so as to let things fall successfully in place. To keep yourself organized is when you are able to manage your time wisely – that is you know the difference between urgent and important. Importance of a task may matter to your own perspective and not doing it can affect the business workflow while what is urgent is something that got a deadline. Above all, know what should be done first so as not to cause nuisance in your client’s business operations.
  5. Be laser-focused on customer care. Reading more related articles about your client’s business helps you think outside the box. You figure out what you need to do when some circumstances arise. Your proactivity makes the client feel safe because there is you looking out to better the given task or taking necessary precaution to avoid trouble like accidentally revealing the identity of the business on sale.
  6. Exude a positive attitude. How you react when given a sudden task that you have no experience doing yet matters to your client. You need to maintain your poise. You may tell your client that you have no idea with the task yet, but express your willingness to learn how to manage it. What matters most is you are eager to overcome the challenge that you are facing and not letting negativity get the better of you. After all,  your thoughts control over your actions so stick to what pushes you to succeed.
  7. Enhance your technological skills. What matters most in the virtual industry is how you maximize the online tools in order to improve your client’s business processes. Also, keep up with the other technological trends that suit your needs.
  8. Invest in your potentials. Always look to better your skills and talents. Even if you have mastered the skills necessary for your client’s business, you still have to be open for more possibilities to enhance such skills and be geared up with your knowledge of the best services you can offer in the virtual industry. Remember that you are the best tool for your client and your virtual company that they can always rely on when sudden changes arise.
  9. Get involved with your teamwork. Come out of your comfort zone and learn more with your co-VAs and managers. Engage in professional relationships that expand your knowledge and skills in the job such as working on a team project, attending seminars or group training, and even discussing important concerns with your colleagues. To collaboratively work with them shows you different views on how to be at your best. These activities may bring out your competence and build your trust with each other.
  10. Master the art of communication. Lengthy words are not a great help when emphasizing some points and worst they are unvalued. Work on how you can speak directly that can cause people to ponder upon your words and able to learn from them.
  11. Take a breather. To work for longer hours helps you achieve your most stressful time so take five. Find a way to release the tension so as to be able to deal with your customers in a cordial manner at all times. Have your coffee time or do some quick exercises!
  12. Set your major priorities. There is no doubt that virtual assistants have the ability to multitask, but this shouldn’t be encouraged for your everyday work. To multitask means to lose your focus on your priority. Taking simple steps at a time is a much better choice because it saves you the hassle in terms of making unnecessary mistakes. Work on what you need to do and discard the ones you don’t.

Bottom line is how you can boost your potentials to become a successful virtual assistant is a big deal not only to yourself but as well as to the company that you work with and most of all to your client. How satisfied your client measures how successful you’ve been as their virtual assistant.

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