To integrate social media sites with your online marketing allows you to share information about your business and lets your target audience get to know your products and services. To make this attempt viable, it is important to know what to put into your page and what to avoid because it is how you manage your social media sites that can represent your brand. How you behave online is a big deal.

For starters, you do not only get to know what the social media site offers your business, but you might as well need to know the do’s and don’ts when handling a social media account. Nowadays, people always refer to the Internet to find the best products or services as it is more convenient.

So, here are some social media etiquette to guide you when building your presence on a social media platform:

1. Complete your business’ background. Take time to complete your company’s profile so as to appear professional. Giving people the idea of what your business is all about gives them a good impression. When they get to know your products or services, your company name is the first thing that comes up in their head when they are in need of your services.

2. Be consistent, stick to one account per social network. Having several accounts to manage does not only confuse you, but as well as your target audience. Always stick with your brand identity as your authenticity leaves a mark on your potential and existing customers.

3. Share valuable information. What you share builds your reputation online. Make your business known for your services or products you offer, interact with your audience and answer their concerns about your products. In this way, you make the engagement natural. Let them realize how valuable you are to them because of your content.

Do not hesitate to talk about your interests and as well as the other products that you appreciate. Talking about your hobbies and interests may attract your customers and eventually build your relationship with them, but make sure that you are not being too personal. There are always limitations reminding yourself that whatever you share will always be public.

4. Stay connected by replying to your followers’ comments. This will show that you are interested in their interaction. It is not enough to just share some reliable content. You also need to hear them out. You can never tell how many customers would like to be heard. Plus, you get more ideas on how to improve your products as you hear their feedback.

5. Consider your tone. You have to stay positive. To vent your feelings on your page is never an option. Always be polite and encouraging with your responses. Also, credit others with what they have done good like appreciating a creative post.

6. Retain the purpose of your page. To build your brand loyalty and reputation, to promote new products, and to be an inspiration are just some of your reasons why you have introduced your business to a social media network. Keeping in mind your purpose means taking the right track especially when you only go after the benefits of your customers.

7. Do not overshare. Make sure to schedule your posts accordingly, not flooding your followers’ feeds. They may get tired of seeing your posts alone or even worse, they might unfollow you.

8. Avoid giving your sales pitch. Inform rather than persuade your audience to buy. Your customers not only want to buy the product alone, but they also want to know everything about the product and your willingness to interact and your sincerity to help them have a good lifestyle by utilizing your products and services.

9. Be careful with any typos. It is always important to check for any typos. Imagine how your audience would react to some typos or even misspelled words.

10. Be creative. Share multimedia photos or videos as well to entertain and educate your audience. Know that there are more and more people who like to see something visually. They may tend not to read your post if there are no photos that goes with it.

As a business owner, building your presence online through various social media platforms is not that easy especially when you are just starting out and learning the proper etiquette online. The bottom line is it requires you to practice the proper etiquette to fully understand the reason behind every rule.

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Juvy Ann Magbanua

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