Prior to hiring personal virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines, as entrepreneurs, you need to know how ready you are to have the right assistants for your business. You should have already assessed your business processes and have identified the areas where you need support from virtual assistants. This way, you focus on the core business functions that generate more income.

For starters, it is beneficial to be familiar with the steps of hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines so as not to waste your effort on repeatedly searching for the right hire. When hiring personal VAs from the Philippines, you don’t only need a virtual assistant company that carefully screens the candidates for you, but you also need to find out personally what to look for in a VA’s profile. Since there is a myriad of competitive personal VAs in the business world, you only have to make sure you are with the one who can provide the right support you need.

Check out these 10 qualities to look for in your personal virtual assistant:

1. Your personal VAs are tech-savvy individuals who are able to get things done efficiently utilizing different software solutions. When a certain technical task becomes difficult or challenging at first, they leverage the power of the internet by finding the resources to train himself.

2. Personal VAs are organized and detail-oriented with their tasks to increase productivity. They set their heart on productivity to aim for your business growth. Their efforts and hard work may not be obvious, but what they do truly supports your business workflow. They strive to be productive to make you feel satisfied that you have accomplished a lot during the day, or at the end of the week or month. Filipino VAs stick with two simple steps to be more productive at work: a) to have key-tasks-to-do list on their watch to keep recording what they have accomplished and what they will do next and; b) they discipline themselves to focus on what is essential or what should be prioritized.

Listening attentively to your instructions also makes them keen to details. They are able to formulate appropriate questions firsthand. Also, they pay attention to every detail of your written instructions to identify things that are not supposed to be used. For example, to notice a picture that has a signature or symbol of a business on sale is not to be used for listings as it may give ideas to prospective buyers or competitors that the certain business is already out in the market. This thing should be confidential.

3. To observe work ethics is your personal VAs’ priority. Filipino virtual assistants always strive to provide exceptional virtual assistant services to your company and to your customers. Your VAs accomplish assigned work with good quality and maintain a cordial attitude even at times of pressure and difficulty. They take the business seriously that they know not to let emotions get in the way to make sound judgment when called for.

4. Your personal VAs take the initiative to solve problems. When problems come their way, instead of getting emotional, they take the first step to solve them. They see problems not as burdens but as ways to grow professionally. Though, they find ways to prevent problems from happening in the first place. They are eager to read through detailed guides to using a software or watch several tutorial videos to be able to handle your tasks well and minimize the chances of making unnecessary mistakes.

5. There is no language barrier between you and your personal VAs. Filipino VAs are good at writing and speaking English. Having a detailed written or recorded documentation of your tasks paves the way to getting them done efficiently and accurately. For another, it becomes easier to request your personal VAs to go through your blog posts, email correspondence, business reviews, and other essential documentations that need to be double-checked for any typo and grammatical errors. They can take care of proofreading and editing your blogs that can consume much of your time if you still have to do it yourself.

6. Personal VAs adapt to constant changes that happen in their job. They prioritize mastering any task that is newly introduced to quickly adapt to change. VAs take the initiative to follow through their improvement in handling the new task to lessen your efforts in the need to supervise them.

7. Personal VAs wisely manage their time. Your personal VAs know that discipline is needed when managing their schedules. To focus on the tasks needed to be done at once, they make sure to list down things they have to do according to their importance. They also make notes to keep track of their progress.

8. Your personal VAs are intrinsically driven to boost their personal and professional development. From a virtual assistant’s point of view, one strives to learn the craft of providing exceptional virtual assistance support to contribute a lot to your business. They are not going to settle for mediocrity. There are new things to learn and master each day, so they grab the chance to do so to be good at whatever they do at work and even in their personal lives. VAs’ commitment to service is what truly drives them to maximize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. It always comes down to their goal: help you progress with your business.

9. Personal VAs confidently express themselves when it is appropriate. They do not shy away from talking to you even just over the phone, Skype, Google Voice, etc., especially when they need to be present at a conference call. They do not hesitate to ask you or another person-in-charge when needed.

Filipino VAs also know when to say yes or no, like when they are requested to work overtime for the day. Saying no doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to do it. It may also be because they’ve already set their priorities or they have to deal with a responsibility at the moment.

10. Negative emotions do not control your personal VAs. The moment they applied for a position in a virtual assistant company, they knew that this job requires them to handle challenging tasks. They are mature enough to take the full responsibility of having to grapple with pressures, demands, and the constant changes in the business world.

You can now look for a virtual assistant company that doesn’t only provide you with the right personal VAs but also gives you a free one-week trial (if possible) to get started with the first task you delegate. The bottomline is that this period is your chance to observe your hired VAs and get to know how they fit the profile.

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